Showbox is an all in one entertainment package ready to fill your boring day with entertainment, bringing you your favorite and most popular TV series and Movies. You simply install the app on your android device and you are all set to dive into the world of entertainment. All that without having to pay anything for it. All the streaming service provided by the Showbox v4.0.25 apk is absolutely free and without any hidden charges.

Best Features of Showbox v4.0.25 Apk:

Download Showbox V4.0.25

Quite a few new features have been added to the Showbox v4.0.25. These features have greatly enhanced the performance of the app, making it just perfect for unlimited streaming whole day long.

  • The Showbox v4.0.25 comes with a new search algorithm which makes searches a lot more filtered and faster.
  • Quite a few new genre categories have been added to the current version enabling you to browse more systematically and efficiently through the genre you prefer.
  • The new “My Library” section enables you to bookmark or make a list of your favorite TV shows and movies, to be watched later.

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Bug Fixes That Come With The New Showbox v4.0.25:

Recent bug fixes and up-gradation has been made in the Showbox v4.0.25 to increase the overall working and efficiency of the SHOWBOX app. These bug fixes are:

  • Many users had complains that they were unable to receive phone calls or video calls while streaming over the SHOWBOX app. This issue has been taken care of and now you can receive calls without any trouble.
  • Some users reported that a video content of more than an hour would take a long time to buffer, even when having a good internet speed. This was a compatibility issue which has been fixed and resolved.

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